Canadian Hound Show 2018

June 12, 2018

64th Annual Canadian Foxhound Show 

Sponsored by the Masters of Foxhounds Association & The Canadian Foxhound Club
Hosted by the London Hunt​


I was invited to attend the 64th Annual Canadian Foxhound Show on the grounds of the London Hunt and Country Club,  by Mark Mcmanus of the Eglinton & Caledon Hounds. What a thrill and honour to attend an event like this. Such an honour to photograph the finest foxhounds in Canada! Special thanks to Mark Mcmanus, Eglington and Caledon Hounds MFH Christine Gracey, MFH Alastair Strachan and Ailene, Tina and Hugh for their kindness and inviting me into their hunt family for the weekend!

Above: Tina, MFH Alastair Strachan and Ailene, Mark Mcmanus, Hugh and MFH Christine Gracey, of the Eglington and Caledon Hounds 

2018-06-19_00032018-06-19_0003 Above: Huntsman Rosslyn Balding showing her beautiful hounds.

Above: Grand Champion Foxhound The Canadian Foxhound Show
with Judges Tony Leahy, MFH Fox River Valley, David Twiggs, Executive Director, MFHA
Ottawa Valley Hunt TNY Cloud, shown by Antony Gaylard, Huntsman OVH, assisted by Pam Black, OVH

It was a great day in London, Ontario on the grounds of the London Hunt and Country Club, one of the finest country clubs in Canada! A meticulously landscaped hideaway featuring a 7200 yard, 18-hole championship golf course, ten professional clay tennis courts, fitness facilities, trap and skeet fields, a Georgian style Clubhouse, where we had cocktails and a sit down dinner the night before. Early Saturday morning before the show, I had the opportunity to see a behind the scenes at the London Kennels helping Mark load Hounds on the trailer. 

It was my second time attending the Canadian Foxhound Show. I just love hounds. I love watching them move, watching their expressions, watching them work on Hunt days. Love the traditional rural sport and lifestyle of riding to hounds.



2018-06-19_00042018-06-19_0004 Above: Huntsman Paul Sherman, Waterloo Wellington Hunt
Showed 5 couple of their Wellington-Waterloo Hunt hounds in 9 classes. Won 8 ribbons: 2 First; 2 Second; 2 Third; 2 Fourth.
Congratulations to Paul Sherman, Judy Barr and Jayme Barnes and the Wellington-Waterloo Hunt hounds!

Above: Ring Steward Mervin Magner, with Judges Tony Leahy, MFH Fox River Valley, David Twiggs, Executive Director, MFHA


Photos can be viewed here: Canadian Foxhound Show 2018 online gallery.


The Exhibitors:
Eglington & Caledon Hounds
Ottawa Valley hunt
Toronto & North york Hunt
Waterloo Wellington Hunt
London Hunt
Hamilton Hunt
Montreal Hunt

Mr. P. Anthony (Tony) Leahy, MFH Fox River Valley 
Mr. David Twiggs, CEO Masters of Foxhounds Association

Mr. Alastair Strachan, MFH
Mr. Mervin Magner, MFH

President: John WD McDonald, MFH London Hunt
Associate President: Richard Christensen,  MFH Hamilton Hunt
Secretary: Janet Feairs
President Canadian District MFHA: Dr. Charlotte McDonald 
Huntsman (London Hunt): Dennis Downing


Above: Grand Champion Foxhound The Canadian Foxhound Show 
Ottawa Valley Hunt TNY Cloud, shown by Antony Gaylard, Huntsman OVH, assisted by Pam Black, OVH

All the other exhibitors they did really well and it was a great day had by all.


ECH logoECH logo

The Eglinton and Caledon Hounds is an offshoot of the Toronto Hunt which was formed in 1843. In 1930, The Eglinton Hunt, was formed and located at the corner of Avenue Road and Roselawn Avenue in Toronto and was recognized as a separate hunt under the Mastership of George Beardmore. ​​When the expansion of Toronto necessitated finding new country, hounds were moved to their present location on Creditview Road in Caledon in 1963 and the name changed to Eglinton and Caledon Hounds. Today we have over 100 members who participate not only in hunting, but also with many related activities. Currently there are 168 organized hunts in North America.

Riding to hounds is a wonderful experience and we would love to have you join us.
​For more information contact Mrs. Tina Walker:

OVH LogoOVH Logo

The Ottawa Valley Hunt run a top-notch Spring and Fall Simulated fox hunting program with a world-class huntsman and well-trained pack of hounds.
The OVH practice humane “drag hunting”, where hounds and horses follow a laid scent. The focus is on camaraderie and making sure everyone has a great day out. The OVH supports every level and rider and is currently looking for new members.


Members of the Toronto & North York Hunt are riders of varying skill levels and ages who enjoy the pleasure of following a pack of hounds on horseback, across beautiful countryside near Creemore.
The Toronto North York Hunt welcomes guests to try the sport and always have a group for those who prefer not to jump. Western tack and smart Western attire welcome! Their vision is to increase the awareness and encourage participation in riding to hounds as a traditional rural sport and lifestyle to riders of various disciplines and ages. 


The Wellington-Waterloo Hunt Club Inc (W-WH) is a group of riding enthusiasts dedicated to Nature, Foxhounds and Riding – together in camaraderie and sport. The well-being of land, hounds, horses and people are paramount with the goal of enjoying these things responsibly. We believe that being outdoors – watching as man and woman and horse and hound find fresh air, breathing room, and land to stretch – is a joy.

Anyone who enjoys riding, likes to see new places and meet new people with the common interest of good times from the back of a horse, is invited to come out and see what Wellington-Waterloo Hunt is all about.


London Hunt date back to the 1843 Grand Military Steeplechase and to the military drag, it was actually on March 30, 1885 that a group of stalwart equestrians formally organized civilian hunting buffs into the London Hunt Club.  These same sportsmen enjoyed golf, and the two activities were paramount from the beginning, with tennis and trap shooting added later. 

Activities start in mid August Wednesday and Saturdays (or some Sundays) , and continue until early December, weather permitting. Hounds are Crossbred and English foxhounds. 

There are usually two flights, a first flight that moves at speed including cantering and galloping and a second flight that mostly stays at a walk and trot. There are very few jumps in our country and no jumping is necessary.


The Hamilton Hunt and Equestrian Sports Club has been operating since 1958. We are located along the beautiful Grand River in Caledonia, Ontario, in Canada. Due to the kindness, cooperation and good-will of many landowners, we have access to approximately 2000 acres of fields and woodlands for fox hunting. 
Come out and give it a try! One of our experienced members will be assigned to you on your first few hunts. They will gladly explain the rules, etiquette and tips to make your first hunts enjoyable and stress free. 
The club is active year round with winter and spring social functions,  summer horse shows, late summer and fall hunting seasons, culminating with our fabulous Hunt Ball.
New riding and social members are always welcome.
For information about hunting with the Hamilton Hunt Club, please contact us at:

MontrealHuntBannerMontrealHuntBanner Founded in 1826, the Montreal Hunt is the oldest North American sporting club in continuous existence. For two decades after 1850, the club was virtually an annex of the local British Army garrison, and its members were mainly military personnel. The years after Confederation were relatively quiet; the club lost many of its members with the removal of military units to the United Kingdom and of civil servants to the newly established capitals of Ottawa and Québec City. The club has literally watched Canada unfold as a country before its eyes. Today it continues to thrive in the foothills of the Laurentian Mountains.



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