Toronto North York Hunt

September 28, 2017

IUHH Members Gather at Toronto North York Hunt (TNYH) 


The 2017 Annual Meeting of the International Union of Hunting with Hounds (IUHH) took place in Mulmur, Ontario last weekend. Representatives from  England, France, New Zealand and the United States met to share their ideas, experiences and challenges around a common thread--hunting with hounds. The Annual meeting held at the Caledon Mountain Trout Club was organized by Laurel Byrne, MFH and Michael Byrne, president of the Toronto & North York Hunt.  

About the Union of Hunting with Hounds. (IUHH) 
The International Union of Hunting with Hounds brings together the national representatives of hunting with hounds associations from across the world to share information on the local and national experiences and challenges they face. The Unions aim is to uphold the principles and standards of Hunting internationally. Hunting with hounds takes place in many countries worldwide--the interests of the 8 Union countries:   Australia, Canada, France, Ireland, New Zealand, United Kingdom and United States of America are based upon an International Charter which outlines their shared commitment, the Hunts' in these countries are governed by Associations with rules and codes of practice designed to suit the circumstances of each country under the Charter of the International Union of Hunting with Hounds.*


The MFHA works with other mounted hound hunting organizations around the globe as a member of the International Union of Hunting with Hounds (IUHH) to share information and protect mounted foxhunting.

I was invited to photograph the Hunt the following day, such an honour! Photographs by Heather Swan, Liberty Shots



Below: Professional Huntsman Rosslyn Balding and TNYH Hounds, TNYH and Laurel Byrne, MFH leading the first field. Huntsman Rosslyn Balding is the First Female Hunstman for the TNYH, and the first female Huntsman of a live pack in Canada. She is an amazing woman.


Below and to the right: Andy Bite, MFH with TNYH member and experienced Endurance Rider that competed several times in the World Equestrian Games, Nancy Beacon and Lt. Col. Dennis J. Foster. 2017-09-28_00072017-09-28_0007


Above: Happy Hounds.

Below: Great view of the TNYH Kennels. An hour’s drive north-west of the City of Toronto.   Mulmur straddles the famous Niagara Escarpment, a UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve.  "The level, fertile fields above the escarpment provide a prime environment for the cultivation of a variety of crops including vast quantities of potatoes. The escarpment itself consists of steep slopes and river valleys surrounded by extensive forests. Below it, Mulmur descends into gently rolling farmlands and rural areas."**



Above: Professional Huntsman Rosslyn Balding, TNYH being interviewed by the IUHH Representatives from France.
Below: Heading back to the kennels, more spectacular views!


More Photos can be viewed here: TNYH 23-Sept-2017 online gallery.




Members of the Toronto & North York Hunt are riders of varying skill levels and ages who enjoy the pleasure of following a pack of hounds on horseback, across beautiful countryside near Creemore.
The Toronto North York Hunt welcomes guests to try the sport and always have a group for those who prefer not to jump. Western tack and smart Western attire welcome! Their vision is to increase the awareness and encourage participation in riding to hounds as a traditional rural sport and lifestyle to riders of various disciplines and ages.


Special thank you to Master Laurel Byrne and Michael Byrne, President of the club for having me out. Thank you Huntsman Rosslyn Balding, for the invite and for the wonderful farm stay —  I made me feel so welcome and at home. Thank you to TNYH member Bev Nicholson for driving me all over TNYH territory and for the great company — I had so much fun! 

Heather Swan


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