Oakhurst 3 Day Event Clinic

August 29, 2017

Oakhurst 3 Day Competition & Clinic

Eventing is often described as an equestrian triathlon, featuring three very different types of tests over three days. For the 3 Day Long Format, each phase is run on individual days beginning with a Horse Inspection, followed by Dressage day, then endurance day, finishing with a Final Horse Inspection and Show Jumping.


Official Welcome and Competitor briefing. 


Official Welcome and Competitor briefing given by Mark Nelson & Ruth Allum, along with a demonstration of what is expected at Horse Inspection. 


Photos Above: Ruth explains to the group what is expected at Horse Inspection. Mark Nelson demonstrating how to present and Jog your horse. 

Participants were taken on a group tractor ride around phases A & C. Phase A & C also known as "Roads & Tracks", it is approx. 2.6km. Phase A is ridden at a walk, trot and canter -- it is the warm up. Phase C is a second Roads & Tracks that follows a fast paced Steeplechase(Phase B). During this phase you want to get your horses heart rate back down--after the five hedge jumps of the Steeplechase. This was my first time learning about Eventing, I learned it is all about conditioning, timing, optimum speed and pacing your ride and time faults.


First Horse Inspection

Before the beginning of the Oakhurst 3 Day Long Format Event, horses are inspected to ensure that they are fit to compete. Horses can "pass" or can "fail” inspection—this determines whether the horse may continue with the competition.


Photos Above: Mark Nelson and Laura Kelland-May inspecting, and Kieryn is presenting Tatti.

The jog is one of the most prestigious parts of the whole event -- where riders have to jog with their horse in hand to present to the veterinarian. It's also sort of a fashion show with well-groomed and braided horses, and nicely dressed riders.

Photos Below: Elyse looking lovely with Polaris, Alexandra and Contessa, Tim looking dapper with Nikita, Michaela and Top Gun, Daphné and Conchita, Misha Wylie and Power Tie, Misha is wearing her farm colours of blue dress and yellow accessories.  
2017-08-29_00062017-08-29_0006 The First inspection is usually preformed at an international event. 38 horses “passed" inspection and were accepted in today’s first horse inspection at the  2017 Oakhurst 3 Day Long Format Event. They were all physically sound for the next few days ahead of them.  

A huge shout out to all the riders and grooms who had the horses looking spectacular for the first inspection. Check out the First Inspection Online Gallery for more photos from the jog.



A series of compulsory movements performed at the walk, trot and canter and intended to showcase the proper physique and correct gaits of the horse, as well as harmony between horse and rider. Judge and Clinician Evelyne Orel scored each test as well Evelyne gave direct feedback on the ride after each test. It rained all night, the ring was wet.  It started out misty, overcast, then it poured rain, and then the sun came out. There were three divisions: Training division (Training Test 2), followed by the Pre-Training division (Pre-Training Test 2), and finishing with the Entry division (Entry Test 2).


Steeplechase practice sessions with clinician Ruth Allum were being held throughout the day, during a break I managed to capture a few shots of Misha and Power Tie going over a new hedge jump on the steeplechase course. Steeplechase consists of five brush fences or hedge jumps that they gallop over! So exciting. Oh my, sign me up!! This eventing is a perfect training ground for a foxhunter!!!! (See Photo Below).


Endurance Day

On endurance day, in the Long Format event, there are four phases. 

  1. Phase A is Roads & Tracks (as mentioned earlier in this post)
  2. Phase B is Steeplechase
  3. Phase C is a second Roads & Tracks, Phase C ends with a 10-minute Box where the horse and rider is cooled down and vitals are taken by a veterinarian. The horse is made sure to be sound and to have recovered well enough to carry on to cross country.
  4. Phase D is Cross-Country 

Cross Country is a course of solid obstacles specially constructed from materials such as wooden logs and stone walls with natural elements, including ditches and water increasing the technical difficulty. Cross-country tests the speed, stamina and jumping ability of the horse. 

Photo Below: Megan and Getojanpa at the water complex.  


Show jumping

A course of obstacles designed to fall down when knocked in order to test the accuracy and jumping technique of horse and rider. Traditional jumping rules apply, with penalties incurred for knocking down or refusing obstacles, and exceeding the time allowed.

What a thrill to have Olympian Colleen Loach ringside providing feedback to each rider as they complete their Show Jumping course. 

Here Olympian Colleen Loach is driving that hauler back to Sutton, QC. I had the pleasure of sitting beside Colleen at the Montreal Hunt Ball at Bromont Olympic Equestrian Park recently--was such an honour! She is amazing!

Closing ceremonies and presentation of awards 

Closing ceremonies with departing address by Keith Bean of Bean Chevrolet


Congratulations to all the Riders and horses that participated in the Oakhurst 3 Day Competition & Clinic. 

Awards photographs can be found here: Online Gallery

The top riders in each division had the opportunity to work with media specialist Elizabeth Hay to refine their interview and social media skills over the weekend.  On the last day Ruth Allum Interviewed with - End of Show Jump Day at the Oakhurst 3 Day Long format Event. Training Level Top 3: Emma Richardson, Kieryn Davison, Elyse Howat!


Photos Below: Media Interview with Ruth Allum - End of Show Jump Day at the Oakhurst 3 Day Long format Event. Entry Level Top 3: Emma Kirton, Camille Bourgaux, Emma Saraullo

Media Interview with Ruth Allum - End of Show Jump Day at the Oakhurst 3 Day Long format Event. Pre-Training Level Top 3: Taya Davison, Megan Roberts, Mary-Lou Beaulieu Video can be seen on the Oakhurst Facebook Page.

Your Official Photographer

Such an honour and privilege to photograph so many amazing horses and riders this past weekend, at Ontario's premiere Equestrian Eventing facility--Oakhurst Farm in Ashton. Special thanks to Ruth Allum, Mark Nelson, Helen Richardson and Joan and the horse show commitee for inviting me to be your Official Photographer for such an amazing event! It was an honour, I really enjoyed watching you all ride.

Here is the link to all the photographs from the Oakhurst 3 Day online gallery for your viewing pleasure.  

Thanks again for making me feel so welcome.  


Liberty Shots


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